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A formal introduction


Hey!  I'm so pumped that you're here, getting a feel for who I am and what I do.  SO, if you don't already know me (or maybe want to quiz yourself about how well you do), keep reading.

Toxic traits: ignoring your call so I can text you right back, excessive napping, eating in my bed, driving with the tank on "E" or letting my devices nearly die before I plug them in.

My life in a song: "Heart Like Mine" by Miranda Lambert  Oh, or "Good Kisser" by Lake Street Dive.

Experiences that shaped me: a child of addicted parents & a single-parent home, a run-in with the law (listen to this episode), single motherhood, and a 1.5 year-long detox from alcohol (by choice).

Hard "no's" for me: excessive gossip/negative conversation, use of the word "can't" by itself (it's either "won't" or needs the word "yet" on the end), wet paper (it's a thing), dental work (if I can avoid it).


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