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"Self-care? You're funny.  

I'm too tired for self-care."

When I was actively coaching health/fitness, I'd have lots of women say "I don't have time to be healthy".  The thought I always had was "okay, then you'd better make time to be sick..."  If we aren't active members in our story, then we're leaving shit up to chance.  If you "don't have time for self-care" then you better make time for a burnout!


Let me tell you a little story...  

Alarm rings. I shuffle to the kitchen and get a glass of water. Then I reach for the little orange pills that I bought off someone. I’m so tired, so I need the Adderall.  I work my 8 hour shift as an LPN. I’m exhausted; the resident-to-nurse ratio is about 35:me and the acuity is through the roof. I run around all day. I stay an extra 90 minutes to get my charting done.

I finally get home and am greeted by my boyfriend and a glass of Franzia. I prop my feet up, chug the cheap wine, and wait for my boyfriend to roll one up.  I stay up too late and do nothing productive with myself while refusing to go to bed at a decent hour. It’s almost an act of defiance, I feel.  Except, it’s not. It’s blatant self-neglect.


I’m numbing all of the big emotions I’m too busy stuffing down. My dad’s in a meth relapse again, I hate my mom, and I STILL feel guilty about leaving my siblings behind when I moved out at age 16 (6 years prior to now).  I drink to shut down, I smoke because why not? I use the addy to pick me up because I’m depleted from this vicious cycle.

Unfortunately, it will take me almost losing my career, suffering the loss of my soulmate, and becoming a mother way before I was ready, to wake the fuck up and start being intentional with my life.  It will take me hitting rock bottom before I ever consider improving my character.  It will take me about six years after becoming Jude’s mom before I tap into my potential as a human and start to work on my shit.  It will then take me an alcoholic outburst at family Christmas to get real fucking serious about healing my wounds.


Working on myself hasn’t felt like work.
It’s felt like learning who I am, meeting 10-year-old, terrified Bre and comforting her. It feels like falling in love with myself.  It’s self-care. And I’m here to help you realize that you’re worth self-care, too. It can be physical, spiritual, emotional, or personal.

Self-care is whatever you NEED and WANT it to be.  It's a shift.  You either downshift because you're going too hard in 4th gear > or < you shift into drive because you've been a potato for a few months and it's time to love up on yourself. 


Join Shift if:

You're irritable


You're noticing that you're pessimistic or judge-y


You're doing everything for everyone else and leaving yourself no energy


You're sick & tired of being sick & tired

In one hour I will help you

  • Uncover why self-care is crucial and why you're not doing it

  • Discover your worth with this whole thing

  • Learn about 4 different types of self-care

    • Personal​​

    • Emotional

    • Physical

    • Spiritual

  • Create a customizable self-care plan

Thursday, April 8

7:00pm CST

Have your husband put the kids to bed.  Turn your work phone off.  Slip into your best lounge pants (or, if you're like me, NO pants!), pour a bevvie, and let's dig in!

What you get from me:


1 hour (minimum) face-time covering all of the above +  Q&A


Printable worksheets to customize your Self-Care Plan 


Lifetime access to the call & printables

The opportunity to invest time into yourself because

you're worth it.

Presale is happening now!  

A one-time investment of $33.33 will gain you access to a private Facebook group with pre-work (free bonus) and drop-ins by yours truly right up until April 8.


 In the FB group, you will hear me riff on various things (that come as inspired truths) such as: boundaries, Universal Assignments, pivoting our emotions, etc. 

Once this Masterclass is completed in real time, it will be uploaded to a membership portal right here on my website.  I'll offer it again in the future, but it won't be at this low price.  No pressure, just don't want you to be blindsided.

I can't wait to see you in there!

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