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Align: Defined

This 4 day Mastercourse (with a virtual celebration party on day 5) was born out of an epiphany.  When I founded Align with Bre, I knew I wanted to help women (and some guys) learn how to live more fully, more confidently, with fewer limiting beliefs and hesitations.  What I just recently realized was DUH! NOT EVERYONE KNOWS THE CONCEPT OF SPIRITUAL/PERSONAL ALIGNMENT!  So here we are!  I'm going to teach you about spiritual alignment, what it looks like for you (as an individual), and what the dangers of operating out of alignment are.  

Day 1: Define

Day 2: Dangers

Day 3: Direction

Day 4: Deeper

Day 5: CELEBRATE your investment of time and energy!



I am so excited to be offering this free of charge.  I may or may not be dropping lightning deals for the other courses I've released and for the prelaunch of Access (a course about you!), and some killer discounts on private sessions.  Show up live and receive a colossal return on your investment!

Note: you will be directed to the group to request approval.  
You will not be granted access to the group any sooner than 36 hours prior to the start of Session 1.  
Answer the membership questions on Facebook and we'll see you 6/14!

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