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By agreeing to work, in any way, with Align with Bre, Bre Klaas, or any of its entities, you agree: 

to keep the intellectual property of Bre Klaas or affiliates intact.  You will not copy or distribute any of the information contained within courses, masterminds, intensives, or the like without express permission or proper quotations.  You will not share material from a course with a friend, will not share login information, or distribute any homework worksheets/materials without express permission.

Bre Klaas ("Align with Bre") is a Registered Nurse, but her teachings, philosophies, advice, or otherwise is not intended to be a substitute for a mental health professional.  If you are suffering from an acute crisis, please seek immediate attention from a licensed provider.


All words, material, media, or otherwise is original copy produced by BreAnn M. Klaas, owner and CEO of Align with Bre.  Plagiarism is wrong.  Don't do it. 



Course Participation:

By participating in courses, masterminds, intensives, or the like, you are agreeing to exchange money for value. 


Q: Why is this so expensive?

A: What is "expensive"?  Make the investment if you feel called!  If I gave my intellectual property away for free, you wouldn't value it as much.  Trust me, I've been there.  Know how many "free tools" I've either never opened or looked at once and never implemented?


All sales are final, unless otherwise specified in the course description.  Fees are paid up front.  If you're extremely dissatisfied with your experience, I will consider alternatives on a case-by-case basis.  Be prepared to show your homework.


It's your time.  Time to be aligned and live on fucking purpose.   

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